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His brother-in-law paused in the middle of an expatiation on the business opportunities of the neighborhood.
Arising from the above expatiation, in his work, Categories of Cross-cultural Cognition and the African Condition, Emevwo Biakolo asserts that it is in unity with the pattern of growth and development of the new science of anthropology which replaced the old science of subject-object relations (epistemology), that the determining factor that become the issue of race (1998: 1).
These difficult ornaments and passages were mentally taxing, but they were for this same reason beneficial: highly allegorical spots served a mnemonic function (because they were memorable), counteracted the very real problem of boredom, and acted as sites for mental expatiation and meditative-interpretive creativity.
fundamentals require expatiation, I will be glad to add a pedantic
The most common expatiation is once again the increase of oil prices on global markets by 10% and Russia upping on September 1 its export duty on oil.
In a text in which the authors seek to provide an intensely practice-based approach to the law, expatiation may be avoided in favor of a more concise discussion of the law as it is applied by U.