Expectation of life

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the mean or average duration of the life individuals after any specified age.

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But he found the pressure and expectation of life at Anfield difficult to handle.
This is creating, among other things, a rapidly increasing need for old-people's homes, which already are overcrowded, and where the waiting period for admission sometimes exceeds the expectation of life of the elderly requesting entry; and this in spite of the mushrooming of unsupervised and inadequate institutions trying to fill the gap.
Indeed, a better way to estimate or project a country's population is through a sophisticated computer software developed by the United Nations which requires four important indicators or inputs: namely; population at a previous time, total fertility rate (TFR); expectation of life at birth (ELB) and age distribution of the population.
ADAM LALLANA admits he has struggled to handle the increased expectation of life at Liverpool following a frustrating first season.
When patients are referred to the stomal therapy team, we provide written, aural and visual information to help ensure they have a thorough and realistic expectation of life with a stoma.
This provides an estimate of the delay in the SPA which would give Scottish state pensioners the same expectation of life after the SPA as the average UK state pensioner in 2027.
In this period, over 20,000 consumers benefited from higher pension incomes because their medical condition or lifestyle has been assessed and a lower than average expectation of life anticipated.
The Registrar General's Scotland 2009 report found that Scots "have relatively low expectation of life at birth compared with much of the European Union".
Whilst many of the workforce, given the longer expectation of life, would welcome the opportunity to remain employed until nearer 70 than 60, this will create a blockage so far as new employment is concerned.
THE SUPREME Court has held that the future loss of earning cannot be ignored while deciding the quantum of compensation to an accident victim as " long expectation of life is connected with earning capacity".
The expectation of life of the adult mosquitoes was determined as the interval between imago emergence and death.
Stacey Williams has not the same expectation of life as she had 12 months ago.