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Of, relating to, or characterized by expectation.


(ɪkˈspɛk tə tɪv)

pertaining to or characterized by expectation.
[1480–90; < Medieval Latin]
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Within the sustainable growth strategy of Arca Continental and Coca-Cola, this investment will have a very positive impact on our operations and will also promote the development of small dairy farmers who are a crucial part of our value chain, and will allow us to serve better the market and meet the consumers expectative in a socially responsible way, said Guillermo Aponte, Tonicorps executive president.
Mais dans cette expectative, on ne lesine pas sur les moyens d'avoir un client quitte a en arracher a un autre.
The principle of equality provides equal initial opportunities to achieve economic aims, although does not guarantee equal expectative success to everybody.
In modern times, Canadian courts have also regularly dis-missed claims filed by CAF members on a range of civil matters in the expectative that the CF grievance system must first be exhausted.
Dans une telle expectative toute faite d'interrogations et d'apprehensions, de tourner forcement nos regards vers le ministere de la Solidarite nationale tout en souhaitant qu'il ait assez de moyens pour etendre son action de solidarite a ces inebranlables necessiteux pouvant etre aisement recenses en tous points du pays aux fins d'une prise en charge pour une reinsertion sociale.
In sum, these results endorse the hypothesis that the cooperation attitude and the trust and positive expectative among companies in holding the cash tend to dissuade the effects of the isolation of a unique self benefit of the implicated companies.
68) of the composer-cleric's ill-fated, four-year battle over the expectative canonry at the collegiate church of St.
If the time of some Moldovan politicians listening obediently to Moscow has set, it is preferred now to keep an expectative and counter position in regard to what the European Union may offer to Moscow.
The chief Expectative Officer has said that TESCO has installed 20/26 MVA Power Transformer in 132 KV Grid Station Mir Ali at a cost of Rs.
Taking into account an expectative increase of prices for fuel oil in near future, the biodiesel can be utilized only as a compounding additive to the dyed diesel fuel, if no subsidies to be foreseen.
In addition, the high energy prices concerns about petroleum supplies and the greater recognition of the environmental consequences of fossil fuels have driven interest in the bioenergy (6), Under the expectative of high consume of sources of terrestrial biomass for this target, it should look forward to other sources of biodegradable fillers that could replace or compete with plant fibers.