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Of, relating to, or characterized by expectation.


(ɪkˈspɛk tə tɪv)

pertaining to or characterized by expectation.
[1480–90; < Medieval Latin]
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Est-ce une simple expectative ou un autre bluff qui viendrait prendre place dans les tiroirs en poussiAaAaAeA?
Given the concern about food safety by the population and the expectative of the industiy for healthier alternatives, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of addition of rosemaiy extract and celery-based products in salami as substitutes of conventional curing salts on the sensoiy and physicochemical characteristics in different ripening times.
The expectative for results of these trials is great because they can truly put the amyloid hypothesis to the test.
In other words, the global perception of life satisfaction is related closer to what happened to you in the past rather than the present or your expectative for the future.
k)] can be derivate with respect to k donors in order to estimate the number of additional donors required to increase by 1% the expectative of finding a donor with complete or partial HLA match for a q recipient in the waiting list.
We wanted to know if ants are able to present some expectative behavior as for a progressive change in the time of occurrence of an event.
Within the sustainable growth strategy of Arca Continental and Coca-Cola, this investment will have a very positive impact on our operations and will also promote the development of small dairy farmers who are a crucial part of our value chain, and will allow us to serve better the market and meet the consumers expectative in a socially responsible way, said Guillermo Aponte, Tonicorps executive president.
However, the diagnostic upon release was the same as the one upon admission, in order to have an expectative type of approach, considering that therapy with antipsychotics would have been the solution for both diagnostics.
Emotional states and their relationship with attributions and self-efficacy expectative in sport].
The fact that simultaneous participation of some of the members in the negotiations related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership may create confusion and expectative.
Ainsi, l'arrivee du stagiaire pour les eleves n'est pas apprehendee, du moins au depart, sur le mode de la continuite, que cette expectative soit percue plus ou moins heureuse.