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It is no question of mere expedience with me; it is a question of life and death
Due to the state's expedience in development of the site pad, construction of the overall infrastructure, including roads and highways, the project was built in record time.
The rebalance has to be done on merit, not expedience," declares Lembit Opik, Lib.
And then expedience comes along and asks the question, Is it politic?
The Expedience NLOS system is a standards based wireless network platform that supports delivery of all IP compatible broadband applications, including voice and data services such as IP telephony and video streaming.
The Expedience system is deployed in over 20 markets globally, including the world's largest NLOS plug-and-play deployment in Mexico, covering 70 million potential business and residential subscribers nationwide.
So what we have is a government of expedience operating by 19th-century rules and pretending it has a claim to be the world's greatest 21st-century city.
The Expedience system may truly change the way people connect to the internet.
The LAUSD may be, in some cases, acquiring urban land for new construction based on political expedience, while disregarding the environmental costs and health risks associated with the cleanup of polluted land,'' the audit said.
We are pleased with the expedience of the due diligence of these properties, which has revealed 600,000 ounces of proven gold reserves to date.
While the Bells talk about reaching out to low-income consumers and those living in underserved areas and rural areas, small competitors like Ntegrity have established a track record of recognizing and meeting those needs, placing a priority on service expedience and minimizing costs, both essential business tenets for small enterprises.
It would have been forthcoming at the next regular election, so his candidacy and qualifications have nothing to do with the expedience of this special election.