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One who is expelled.


(ˌɛk spɛˈli, -spə-, ɪkˈspɛl i)

a person who has been expelled.


A civilian outside the boundaries of the country of his or her nationality or ethnic origin who is being forcibly repatriated to that country or to a third country for political or other purposes. See also displaced person; evacuee; refugee.
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One forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons:
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AKELITE expellee Nikos Katsourides, pandering to Junior in the hope he would be the inbetweeners' presidential candidate in 2018 -- the Dikids might want someone that could pass as a grown-up -- wrote in Phil on Wednesday about the need for the public to be properly informed about what was being agreed, because the selective leaking of info was "extremely dangerous" and caused "big confusion".
With the realization that the "refugee problem" was not temporary and the German expellees and refugees had to be fully integrated in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), the term expellee emerged, illustrating the transition of their status to permanent members of the FRG.
He finds this rendering of bare life again in the Roman legal figure of homo sacer, an expellee from the community who cannot be meaningfully sacrificed and can therefore be killed with impunity (Agamben, 1998, page 102).
December 31, 1937 as a refugee or expellee of German ethnic origin or as
His story situates Kiza, the piper, precisely in that state of exception, the state of nature that Agamben has identified for the expellee, the wolf man and his reduction to bare, sacred life.
While Protestant and Catholic congregations and agencies in West Germany provided many critical services to the expellees, they were not particularly receptive to expellee claims regarding the inseparable link between regional culture and religious identity, as well as expellee desires to perpetuate the religious customs of their eastern homelands in a West German context.
The civilian corollary of the German POW was the expellee, whose forced displacement was also seen as emblematic of German suffering after the war.
Keywords: Gaucho, 19th Century, Argentinean State, Exile, Exiles, Messing People, Stigmatization, Expellee, Hegemony, Identity.
Karolina von Oppen and Stefan Wolff explore the rising importance of the German expellee organizations against the background of the Kosovo conflict and of EU enlargement.
According to the East Prussian expellee Hans Graf von Lehndorff, "we are experiencing nothing unusual, nothing different from what millions of people have experienced in the past years.
Parallel to the conclusion of the Geneva Convention in 1951, which was conceived as a shining example of Western humanitarism, the Federal Republic passed the Federal Expellee and Refugee Law (Bundesvertriebene und Fluechtlingsgesetz).