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Noun1.expense record - a written record of money spent
record - a document that can serve as legal evidence of a transaction; "they could find no record of the purchase"
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You can additionally set a date and a short note to an expense record to fully remember the origin of the expense.
For example, the chapter concerning tracking business expenses includes an "Annual Recordkeeping Tasks Checklist," along with numerous useful forms: Weekly Expense Record, Monthly and Annual Expense Summaries, Weekly and Monthly Travel Expense Records, Weekly and Monthly Auto Expense Records, Weekly and Monthly Meals & Entertainment Expense Records, Sample Purchase Order, and Purchase Order Record.
According to the director of SAS Corporate Card Distribution Strategies, it can be used to pay for everything during a flight and transferred later to a travel expense record.
Until recently, the only method thought available to correct misreporting was a thorough review of each expense record, a proposition not likely cost-effective.
Maximizing deductions and helping entrepreneurs find ways to save money, the credit card import automates laborious expense record keeping, ensuring appropriate deductions are matched to every expense hitting the books and properly accounting the records for tax time.
In return, each annual subscriber receives a monthly bill via e-mail or regular mail, offering the advantages of paying once for a month of parking and receiving a detailed expense record.
Documentary confirmation of the participant%s economic and financial situation, which may include: an extract from the balance sheet (an extract from the book of income and expense records for participants applying the simplified taxation system) for the previous year, as well as for the last reporting date of the current year.
Unless you have a love for numbers, managing your expense records is one of the least enjoyable things about running a business.
The 2 yrs sales & expense records for the store will be made available to interested buyers.
As discussed earlier, unless they're receipts for important purchases you may claim a warranty on, or receipts for reimbursement or expense records, you're better off tossing them.
The US military in response has said that it is not necessary that the funds have been missing, rather the expense records might have been archived.
Two detectives have already been arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with the probe, and the force's professional standards directorate is checking the expense records of hundreds more.