experimental method

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Noun1.experimental method - the use of controlled observations and measurements to test hypotheses
scientific method - a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses
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It was clear to him that the experimental method was the only method by which one could arrive at any scientific analysis of the passions; and certainly Dorian Gray was a subject made to his hand, and seemed to promise rich and fruitful results.
1) The experimental method described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology uses gold nanoparticles to produce a color-specific result easily read with the naked eye, and could be configured to detect low concentrations of various proteins, such as those related to HIV, tuberculosis or even prostate cancer.
As a matter of fact, as will be seen below in the Literature Review, the literature on the use of experimental method in Marketing, particularly Taguchi's method, is relatively sparse.
the data obtained by means of the experimental method using a stand with open circuit and PULSE program present the peaks of maximum frequency for f = 50Hz-100 Hz;
To legitimize the experimental method, seventeenth-century scientists stressed repeated observation: indeed, the ability to replicate results of set experiments at any time.
was successfully upgrading an experimental method of producing hydrogen originally developed at a U.
The experimental method enables the detection of the global environmental variations which the earth has experienced for the past several hundred thousand years.
For example, a 2004 study using an experimental method of virtual colonoscopy found that the test spotted only 55 percent of 10-mm polyps.
An Experimental Method To Measure The Transient Air-gap Between Cast And Permanent Mould During Casting Solidification (05-069)
Acting on the advice of Smith's defencebarristers, the solicitor used his closeness to try an experimental method of encouraging Smith to talk about the events of July 7.
However, while science relies on the inductive and experimental method, it only discovers partial truth regarding the observable universe.
The experimental method, called boron neutron capture therapy, involves injecting boron atoms into the diseased organ and using a neutron beam to split them into destructive high-energy particles.

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