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Noun1.explanandum - (logic) a statement of something (a fact or thing or expression) to be explained
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
statement - a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; "according to his statement he was in London on that day"
explanation, account - a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.; "the explanation was very simple"; "I expected a brief account"
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A research question must have not only an explanandum (the thing to be explained), but also one or more potential explananda (the things that do the explaining).
If that which is manifest can be neither doubted nor explained, it follows that the attempts to deny the category literature and the attempts to postulate the explanans literature-in-itself for the explanandum literature-thought were misguided, and so, those who denied the category literature and those who attributed a timeless essence to literature were both mistaken.
So this argument for perceptualism proposes an explanans to a non-neutral explanandum.
Our explanandum (the dependent variable) is not the surge in economic inequality per se but rather the politics that enabled it.
The author argues that inadequate attention has been paid to the different contexts in which an explanation can be given and the different levels of abstraction at which the explanandum phenomenon can be framed.
In the models testing the remaining three hypotheses, firm performance serves as an explanandum.
Because the explanandum is an ordinal variable, we used an ordinal logistic regression in which the main predictor was race/ethnicity interacted with age and other social demographic predictors.
Both remembering and forgetting are conceived and applied in an almost mechanistic way, as an explanans instead of an explanandum.
2) On the question of the chapter's main aporia two camps have emerged, with one taking Aristotle's primary explanandum to be the unity of composites, and the other the unity of forms.
In an explication of what he takes to be a generically Aristotelian account of causality and explanation, Feser describes the four Aristotelian causes (formal, material, efficient, and final) and then suggests that on Aristotle's account, every explanandum is not only susceptible of but requires explanation by all four causes: "In general complete explanation of a thing entails the specification of its four causes" (p.
While critics might say that science is able to make accurate predictions because it gets reality right, Rorty calls this an incantation rather than an explanation for predictive success, 'because we have no test for the explanans distinct from our test for the explanandum .
Indeed, this is, de jure, the fundamental datum explanandum of political philosophy, and it is incumbent on the political philosopher to show what justifies moving from one order to the next.