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 (ĭk-splĭk′ə-bəl, ĕk′splĭ-kə-)
Possible to explain: explicable phenomena; explicable behavior.

ex·plic′a·bly adv.


formal in an explicable manner
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Apart from the almost ever-present Emma Pollock and labelmate The Phantom Band, The Unwinding Hours' atmospheric post-rock was as explicably absent from the "real" charts as it was present in Jockrock's tartan parallel universe.
I am not suggesting that this pathology--or any of the others identified here--is bound to emerge it should be acknowledged that one or more plausibly could emerge and explicably so.
A broad insight into the existing occupational health laws in India explicably brings out the variety of non-implementation of such laws, considering the present scenario with respect to the workers' health conditions.
That escalation will certainly and explicably lead to violence.
Luxury is explicably linked to experiences and the hoteliers and airlines are at the forefront of product development to reflect this connection.
The single screen capture in Figure 3 of the Classroom Computer Lab Layout simulation represented in a Flash file unmistakably illustrates an explicably detailed replica of the results of the educational environment of this design, but from a 3-D modeling perspective.
Explicably there is an intertwine between the EU and the Germany's economy on one hand the lifeline of the EU depends on Germany's economic growth and Frankfurt/Deutschmark diplomacy and on the other Germany's economy will ceased to be European champion independent of the EU.
Maria's exploration of the inner wardrobe is explicably connected to her own sexuality.
19) By contrast, the 'classical liberal causality thesis' asserts that liberty, explicably and testably, systematically promotes welfare.
There is something explicably lovely about holding something tangible in your hands.
It happened to Otelul Galati, explicably, in United's group and to Villarreal, rather less explicably, in City's group.