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tr.v. ex·pli·cat·ed, ex·pli·cat·ing, ex·pli·cates
To make clear the meaning of; explain. See Synonyms at explain.

[Latin explicāre, explicāt-, to unfold, explain : ex-, ex- + plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

ex′pli·ca′tion n.
ex′pli·ca′tor n.
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Poet Jane Hirshfield, a passionate advocate and resourceful explicator of poetry, evokes the "mysterious quickening [that] inhabits the depths of any good poem" in this brilliant collection.
In his article "Robert Browning's 'Mesmerism': An Introduction to Gothic Nightmare" (The Explicator (2013]: 73-76), Daniel Creed suggests that "the speaker's address to the reader centers around the new practice of hypnotism" and that the poem may be read as an exercise in creating mesmeric effects in the reader (73).
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Sheryl Craig has published in Persuasions, The Explicator, Jane Austen's Regency World, and on the websites of the Jane Austen Centre and Chawton House Library.
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the explicator of the political value of the disengaged individual" (21).
They display great subtlety and demonstrate Gros's gifts as a marvelous reader and explicator of nuances and difficulties.
Gore Vidal was explicator, dramatist, and even avatar of these American currents--which have no place in the dreary humorless social-democratic textbook history that bores our children and suffocates our discourse.
Macquarrie was a philosophical giant, translator and explicator of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger and one of the most esteemed divinity professors at Oxford.
Jungman, "Eve as 'Fair Defect' Milton's Paradise Lost, Book X", Explicator 65.
But as applied to Daniel's explicator, Jasper, considerations of apocalyptic quietism are both obvious and beside the point.