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Noun1.explicit definition - a definition that gives an exact equivalent of the term definedexplicit definition - a definition that gives an exact equivalent of the term defined
definition - a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol
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Previously, a computer programmer would have to "stay up for days preloading the machine with an exhaustive, explicit definition of 'cat.
The Grand Muftias Office of the Muslim Denomination in Bulgaria opposed the total ban in Pazardzhik, citing lack of explicit definition in the Public Order Regulation which parts of human body should be covered and which not.
Another issue the two courts took on was the fact that there has been a lack of an explicit definition to the term "actuarially sound.
Howard said based on study results Organic & Natural will require the definition of natural, like organic, to translate into 95% of all ingredients qualifying as such, with explicit definition of ingredients qualifying for the 5% exclusion.
III Explore explicit definitions Each source was coded as of screening containing explicit definition or not; explicit definitions extracted.
The editorial does not mention that the new policy offers an explicit definition of civic learning.
Shaheed says there is a serious need for an explicit definition of vaguely worded crimes such as "acting against national security.
VANCOUVER) A major overhaul of British Columbia's Family Relations Act--the first major rewrite since 1978--now includes an explicit definition of domestic violence.
An explicit definition of principal effectiveness drives all aspects of evaluation system design (Clifford et al.
The rapporteur seeks a clear and explicit definition of 'small consignments' and proposes two criteria: weight of less than two kilogrammes and content of less than three items.
Those projections were dependent on the assumption of appropriate monetary policy but in linking the FOMC's projections to its role in determining inflation, Chairman Bernanke gave an explicit definition of what was considered a mandate-consistent level of inflation at that time.