exploratory survey

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Noun1.exploratory survey - exploring in order to gain informationexploratory survey - exploring in order to gain information; "scouting in enemy territory is very dangerous"
reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission - the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy); "an exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission"
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In other cases the OVAM can decide to proceed with an exploratory survey (taking relevant soil and / or groundwater samples) (part 2 command).
currently carrying out an exploratory survey using the latest high-resolution
An exploratory survey of company leases in Washington County, as well as its leases in Kansas, will be conducted under the direction of Tadwilliams.
This is the tenth positive exploratory survey carried out by Repsol in 2014.
Mani ADG visited the site on 2nd February, 2014 and in a brief exploratory survey could collect 31 pieces of terracotta coin moulds for casting coins of King MihiraBhoja, the mightly ruler of the Pratihara dynasty of Kannauj who ruled between 836 and 885 AD and whose empire covered almost entire northern and central India.
Muscat, Sept 14 (ONA) The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, represented by the Directorate General of Fish Researches is currently implementing an exploratory survey on the shell resources in the Sultanate's coastal waters.
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has launched a three-dimensional exploratory survey project in Kuwait Bay in cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation (BGP).
Recently, BRComms conducted a short exploratory survey to assess the regional communications professionals' preferential use of digital media over print media.
Institutional review board approval was received for an exploratory survey to gather data on how students responded to the assignments and if the assignments supported the course objectives.
The exploratory survey, a result of months of work surveying hundreds of British Arabs across the UK, is the first time British Arabs have been asked about their identity, their political beliefs and preferred political parties, and their feelings towards the British Arab community.
An exploratory survey utilizing the Delphi results provided a mechanism through which to validate the aforementioned findings The use of exploratory survey techniques are common in IS research (Pinsonneault & Kraemer, 1993), and one of the primary purposes of exploratory survey research is to define the dimensions of a construct within a population of interest.
Coeytaux F, Moore K and Gelberg L, What will it take to get new providers to begin dispensing Mifeprex: insights from an exploratory survey in California, unpublished manuscript, Los Angeles, Sept.