express joy

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: joy - produce laughterexpress joy - produce laughter      
bray - laugh loudly and harshly
bellylaugh - laugh a deep, hearty laugh
howl, roar - laugh unrestrainedly and heartily
snicker, snigger - laugh quietly
giggle, titter - laugh nervously; "The girls giggled when the rock star came into the classroom"
crack up, break up - laugh unrestrainedly
cackle - emit a loud, unpleasant kind of laughing
guffaw, laugh loudly - laugh boisterously
chortle, chuckle, laugh softly - laugh quietly or with restraint
convulse - be overcome with laughter
cachinnate - laugh loudly and in an unrestrained way
express emotion, express feelings - give verbal or other expression to one's feelings
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The theme of the concert centers around how all of us use music to express joy and sorrow, and it is full of varied and energetic music.
Sheikh Faisal also stressed the importance of using such national events to not only express joy and celebration, but also to work harder and faithfully in order to benefit the country and its people.
The second scene includes some feminine arts that express joy, pride and esteem of the leader of the blessed Renaissance.
Summary: Residents express joy as they gather to welcome troops.
All the full page illustrations express joy, anticipation, fun, and a furry bear's pleasure in the winter season of giving.
which were exchanged on the Eid day as a token to express joy and happiness on the auspicious occasion.
The man told traffic police that he performed the stunts and decorated his car to express joy and happiness for his cousin, who was getting married that day.
Deir Attiyeh mayor, Mohammad Khair Milhem said the city of 24 thousand population has turned out in force to express joy over the achievements of the Syrian army in the war against terrorism.
Pets such as Paige teach us all that taking time to express joy should be at the top of our to-do list every day.
A trained musician and conductor, he found that singing in a chorus offered him a way to foster community and express joy in being Jewish.
An exciting, cathartic intermingling of rhythms and cultures, Further Definitions of the Days of Awe is spiritual music that calls the heart to dance, and express joy in life and love.