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 (ĭk-sprĕs′ō, ĕk-)
Variant of espresso.


(Cookery) a variant of espresso


(ɛˈsprɛs oʊ)

a strong coffee prepared by forcing hot water through finely ground dark-roast coffee beans.
[1940–45; < Italian (caffè) espresso pressed (coffee)]
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E-Money by Expresso launched commercially nationwide in Senegal is aimed at all mobile customers in the new and existing segments of Expresso Senegal, said the company in a statement.
E-Money by Expresso launched commercially nationwide in Senegal for all mobile customers in the new and existing segments of Expresso Senegal.
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With an increase in the cost of espresso coffee at QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), consumers are increasingly switching to home-brewed alternatives, thus booming the expresso machines market.
Portuguese authorities have rejected bringing any formal charges due to lack of evidence against Sobrinho, who is now seeking damages in multiple jurisdictions from the newspaper group Impresa, which owns Expresso, regarding their false claims of financial misconduct.
No matter whether you just want to buy everything necessary for school, want to buy new furniture for the kid's room or just to refurbish the apartment, the favorable financial conditions and simplified procedure for Expresso loan will help clients not to worry about the costs around the new school year", said Natalia Lakova, Manager "Credit products" in Societe Generale Expressbank.
Country: BrazilSector: Food/Beverages/Tobacco, Wholesale/RetailTarget: Expresso.
Mobile money solutions and value-added services provider eServGlobal Limited (ASX:ESV) (AIM:ESG) is to provide its hosted subscriber stimulation service to African telecoms group Expresso Telecom, the company announced today.
Dragon Kerr said that Expresso Ads was "a new lease of life for the coffee business".
In 2010, demand for Sentillion Vergence, expreSSO and proVision products was strong, with more than 50 new customer deals signed by health organizations looking to significantly streamline the workflow of caregivers by giving them rapid, authorized access to the applications and patient data they need.
When news of Sir Norman's death was reported on Monday night, internet users bought 30 copies of Expresso.