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Their singing is harsh and discordant; the songs are chiefly extempore, relating to passing circumstances, the persons present, or any trifling object that strikes the attention of the singer.
Owing to these extempore measures, I not only gave my bride credit for certain perfections which have not as yet come to light, but also overlooked a few trifling defects, which, however, glimmered on my perception long before the close of the honeymoon.
This lonely spot, once used for an extempore burying-place, after a sanguinary BATTUE between the French and Austrians, is the perfection of desolation; there is nothing in sight to mark the hand of man, except the line of weather-beaten whitened posts, set up to indicate the direction of the pass in the OWDAWAKK of winter.
The pieces of elephant-meat, surrounded with aromatic leaves, were placed in this extempore oven and covered with hot coals.
Now seals are too wise," Collins explained one day, in a sort of extempore lecture to several of his apprentice trainers.
You may do it extempore, for it is nothing but roaring.
I should much like to try your plan," I said, and, as Sylvie and Bruno happened to run up to us at the moment, I left them to keep the Earl company, and strolled along the platform, making each person and event play its part in an extempore drama for my especial benefit.
All works of art should not be detached, but extempore performances.
The fact was, that Tom's heart had already smitten him for not asking his fidus Achates to the feast, although only an extempore affair; and though prudence and the desire to get Martin and Arthur together alone at first had overcome his scruples, he was now heartily glad to open the door, broach another bottle of beer, and hand over the old ham-knuckle to the searching of his old friend's pocket-knife.
It did occur to him that he could perhaps get some help by praying for it; but as the prayers he said every evening were forms learned by heart, he rather shrank from the novelty and irregularity of introducing an extempore passage on a topic of petition for which he was not aware of any precedent.
It was a rare scene to see Shahbaz Sharif delivering a written speech and Nawaz Sharif making an extempore speech at such a party gathering, which was also attended by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, besides a number of senior party members, office-bearers and legislators.
I still remember her extempore speech that was outstanding in terms of the expanse and depth of her knowledge and issues related to human rights.