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A substance added to another substance to modify, dilute, or add to it: meatloaf that contained oatmeal as an extender.


1. a person or thing that extends
2. (Chemical Engineering) a substance, such as French chalk or china clay, added to paints to give them body and decrease their rate of settlement
3. (Chemical Engineering) a substance added to glues and resins to dilute them or to modify their viscosity
4. (Chemistry) a substance added to elastomers to assist the plasticizer
5. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing the part of certain lower-case letters that extends either above (the ascender) or below (the descender) the body of the letter


(ɪkˈstɛn dər)

a substance added to another substance, as to paint or food, to increase its volume or bulk.


n extensor m; penis — extensor de pene
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Not only are our new WN2500RP and WN3500RP WiFi Range Extenders the fastest for providing whole home coverage, but we have even redesigned Smart LED indicator lights for both the Extenders that helps in play real-time network connection status and optimal extender placement that help you place it properly in your home.
The Aluminum Pipe Wrench Handle Extenders are aluminum pipes that come in four sizes to fit 14", 18", 24", and 36" steel and aluminum pipe wrenches They allow a user to apply half the force to get the same amount of torque and feature a special non-slip knurled or machine textured grip to lower fatigue for the muscles in the hand.
The report ``Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles 2011-2021'' states that 8 million hybrids will be made by 2021 and add to that significant money spent on the same devices in buses, military vehicles, boats and so on and a major new market emerges.
Amplicon, a UK-based manufacturer of computer-based measurement and automation systems, has introduced a new range of Ethernet extenders.
Designed for plug-and-play, back-to-back operation, CopperLink-T T1/E1 Extenders 2113 and 2115 can connect remote PBXs over existing dry copper to triple the normal reach of T-l/E-1 circuits, while cutting the required number of copper pairs in half.
The products have applications in lubricants, polyurethanes, organic-based inks, coatings, adhesives, polymer chain extenders and fragrance chemicals.
The 2S Series of variable height extenders is offered for use with a wide range of buttons available for the Multimec 3F Series switch.
Glomax calcined kaolin extenders give optimum electrical properties in wire coatings.
announced the rollout of a unique line of patent-pending Cultured Cheese Extenders for foodservice and manufacturing operations.
Metal extenders won't fit GFCI receptacles, but some plastic types will.
Initially GNPs were viewed more as "physician extenders," the provider of on-site medical care in view of the relatively few hours physicians spend in nursing homes.
Bottom line: He convinced us that most of the key standard-setters in the marketplace have already accepted DOS extenders as an essential part of their nextgeneration development strategies.