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1. Capable of being extended or protruded: an extensible tongue; extensible tables.
2. Computers Of or relating to a programming language or a system that can be modified by changing or adding features.

ex·ten′si·bil′i·ty n.
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Tenders are invited for thread combination of high extensibility 22 tex, based on PA 6.
For instance, the lack of hamstring extensibility creates a decrease in pelvic mobility (Lopez-Minarro et al.
ClassNK will support research that tests the extensibility of condition based monitoring system and automatic diagnostic system "ClassNK CMAXS LC-A" for auxiliary diesel engines manufactured by Daihatsu Diesel Mfg.
No differences in muscle extensibility or joint hypermobility were observed between dancers (p > 0.
The requirements on the utilized nonwovens, above all their extensibility, have a decisive influence on the stretch properties of the end product.
Benefits of high extensibility are said to include a broad range of durometer and tensile strength properties, and low specific gravity with cost-effective compounding.
As growth outpaced the extensibility (up until Fall 2003 most modular storage systems had a maximum raw storage capacity of 35TB) of these modular systems, users were forced to upgrade to a more powerful models or added additional systems.
processors can improve tortilla extensibility and rollability after one month of storage -- extending shelf life and improving customer satisfaction.
The enhanced FirstBIOS adds extensibility of USB peripherals directly through the BIOS, delivering faster connection, high-speed data transfers, fast OS loading, direct CD/DVD access, or disaster recovery for external USB devices such as disk drives and CD-ROMs.
1 is the latest update to Embarcaderos data modeling application giving users, it is claimed, greater extensibility and the ability to model reference data, and enhance data model clarity and usability.
The US-based e-business infrastructure software provider TIBCO Software Inc has expanded its TIBCO Extensibility product family with the XML Canon/Developer software.
a provider of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based e-content software for e-publishing, e-commerce, and B2B (business-to-business) e-marketplaces, and Extensibility, Inc.

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