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Excessive concern with outer circumstances or appearances.

ex·ter′nal·ist n.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) exaggerated emphasis on outward form, esp in religious worship
2. (Philosophy) a philosophical doctrine holding that only objects that can be perceived by the senses are real; phenomenalism
exˈternalist n


(ɪkˈstɜr nlˌɪz əm)

attention to externals, esp. to an excessive degree.
ex•ter′nal•ist, n.


attention paid to outward or outside matters, especially in religious affairs. — externalist, n.
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As will be explained later, this is a form of what may be called behavioral strong externalism.
One of the main arguments intended to show that content externalism undermines the privileged access thesis is the slow switching argument, originally proposed by Boghossian.
Images are the books of the unlearned, but too readily lend themselves to externalism [idolatry] that it might be well if the bishops, in an orderly fashion, should remove them all except the cross," (3) wrote Erasmus late in his life.
Herman situates his approach in a second-generation framework of enactivism and active externalism ("Re-minding" 249).
Instead, our thinking should achieve success in our environment, recalling the sensitivity-based externalism earlier endorsed, without necessarily requiring following some N-theory.
Internalism and externalism face quite different intellectual challenges.
Yin/yang principles and the relevance of externalism and paralogic rhetoric to intercultural communication.
Compatibilism is a philosophical theory popularly associated with the metaphysical and epistemological discourses on freedom and determinism as well as internalism and externalism, respectively.
He sums up this unresolved problem in a letter to a friend in which he writes: "The antinomy I wrestle with is that institutionalism, or externalism, is at once essential and fatal to religion.
The idea is compatible with a type of internalism and a type of externalism.
83) See ARTIGAS, supra note 1, at 9 (discussing externalism, the sociological understanding that science is affected by social, economic, and political circumstances).
As a type of renewal within Catholicism the Spiritualist impulse offered a corrective to the externalism of much late medieval religion.