Tending to extinguish or make extinct.


tending or serving to extinguish or make extinct


(ɪkˈstɪŋk tɪv)

tending or serving to extinguish.
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If some creditors fail to submit their claims, their debts shall be deposited with the court custodian, until the claims are received from their owners or the claims are time barred by extinctive limitation.
The conference is held for two days in Cairo and honors 31 Egyptian outstanding women who succeeded abroad and have extinctive experiences in different fields.
the heredity petition is an extinctive imprescriptible action; the heir under universal vocation or universal title can always get the recognition of his heirship (article 1130 Civil Code).
73) One doesn't hear much of Leibenstein or X-inefficiency today, but economic behavioralism has re-emphasized recognition of the flexibility that exists within a large corporation, or indeed any firm that is not under the immediate threat of extinctive competition, to deviate from the maximally efficient posture.
Indeed, the rules relating to immovable cultural heritage are far more restrictive than those applying to movable cultural heritage as regards land registration, acquisitive or extinctive prescription, seizure, expropriation, public servitude and other obligations attached to the immovable legal regime.
After the forms of action were abolished by the Judicature Acts between 1873 and 1875, waiver of tort survived in situations of implied contract and extinctive ratification.
The interruption and suspension of the extinctive limitation is stipulated by art.
It also proposes lifting the state of emergency, abolishing death penalty, banning extradition of political refugees and repealing the law on extinctive prescription of legal action after 15 years.
This article states that 'Constituent, transferable or extinctive deeds relating to actual property laws must be established by a solicitor; otherwise they are void.
In order to qualify the shown evaluation, the value of RMS--is mature extinctive and the value of RMS is calculated the remain between the force which is shown in Table 1 and 4 rings of fig.
Jets are common configuration used in various mixing and thrusts producing devices and several extinctive investigations have been made on axisymmetric jets (e.