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tr.v. ex·tir·pat·ed, ex·tir·pat·ing, ex·tir·pates
a. To destroy totally; kill off: an effort to reintroduce wildlife that had been extirpated from the region.
b. To render absent or nonexistent: "No society ... is devoid of ... religion, even those ... which have made deliberate attempts to extirpate it" (Roy A. Rappaport). See Synonyms at eliminate.
2. To pull up by the roots.
3. To remove by surgery.

[Latin exstirpāre, exstirpāt- : ex-, ex- + stirps, root.]

ex′tir·pa′tion n.
ex′tir·pa′tive adj.
ex′tir·pa′tor n.
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Survivorship primarily tackles issues such as long-term toxicity from chemotherapy and radiation, consequences of extirpative surgery, and monitoring and treatment of secondary malignancies, to name a few.
Still, only a few extirpative procedures were being performed via a laparoscope route.
Extirpative surgery through an infraumbilical midline incision was scheduled.
This task force, under the leadership of AUGS, believes that CMS and NCCI do not fully understand the complexity of vaginal reconstruction performed for advanced pelvic organ prolapse, or the fact that vaginal hysterectomy is an extirpative procedure that often is required to facilitate the more time-consuming reconstructive procedures.
Furthermore, Weight et al (15) demonstrated in their large study of patients with renal masses who had undergone extirpative surgery, partial nephrectomy or radical nephrectomy, that partial nephrectomy offers cancer specific survival equivalent to that of radical nephrectomy and is technically feasible in at least 50% of patients with cT1b tumors.
Kayem G, Davy C, Goffinet F, Thomas C, Clement D, Cabrol D: Conservative versus extirpative management in cases of placenta accreta.
Moreover, gossypiboma may be misdiagnosed as a malignant tumor and lead to unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures or extensive extirpative surgery (as in our case) which may result in further complications (9).
Immediate Gore-Tex sling suspension for management of facial paralysis in head and neck extirpative surgery.
During the study period there were no laid down standard conservative or extirpative protocols for the management of morbidly adherent placenta.