(ĕk′strə-kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′shə-nəl, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Not existing or provided for in a constitution.
2. Exceeding the authority granted in a constitution.
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8) President Roosevelt made no assertion of inherent, independent, exclusive, plenary, or extraconstitutional authority.
At a time when many scholars --led chiefly by Yale's Bruce Ackerman(19) and Akil Reed Amar(20) -- are arguing for the advantages and rough commensurability of extraconstitutional means of change with formal amendments, Kyvig, utilizing a quotation from George Washington, iterates the value of formal amendments as "explicit and authentic acts" with unique power.
These organizational dilemmas are extraconstitutional insofar as they exist independent of either expressed or implied constitutional powers.
His zeal for rolling back communist influence in Central America and his personal concern for the hostage situation led Reagan and his aides into the extraconstitutional and illegal activities of the Iran-Contra affair.
Also, just as Congress can impose upon itself extraconstitutional rules that make lawmaking more difficult, so can the president impose upon himself all manner of procedures that make the task of nominations more difficult.
Is it drawn solely from Article II of the Constitution or also located outside as an extraconstitutional power?
Nothing in this analysis suggested an inherent or extraconstitutional role for the president.
As Susan Dunn retells the story in Jefferson's Second Revolution, the principal players on each side attempted backroom deals, considered extraconstitutional solutions, and threatened violence.
Their actions, however, suggest that party objectives were their motivation, that they were part of a larger strategy involving extraconstitutional campaigning developments, and were thus exercises of presidential power designed to provide party leadership.
The first ladyship is an institution in that the far majority of presidents have served with their wife beside them, presidential spouses are well-known public figures, and the first ladyship has become an office-albeit one of extraconstitutional design--complete with office space, staff, and budget.
The traditional recognition policy of the United States, whereby a decision had to be made about governments that came into power through extraconstitutional means, faded from U.
Using this extraconstitutional process, military regimes have periodically transformed Pakistan's constitutional order, strengthening its viceregal character to extend the military's power into periods of civilian rule.

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