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tr.v. ex·tract·ed, ex·tract·ing, ex·tracts
1. To draw or pull out, often with great force or effort: extract a wisdom tooth; used tweezers to extract the splinter.
2. To obtain despite resistance: extract a promise.
3. To obtain from a substance by chemical or mechanical action, as by pressure, distillation, or evaporation.
4. To remove for separate consideration or publication; excerpt.
a. To derive or obtain (information, for example) from a source.
b. To deduce (a principle or doctrine); construe (a meaning).
c. To derive (pleasure or comfort) from an experience.
6. Mathematics To determine or calculate (the root of a number).
n. (ĕk′străkt′)
Something extracted, especially:
a. A passage from a literary work; an excerpt.
b. A concentrated preparation of the essential constituents of a food, flavoring, or other substance; a concentrate: maple extract.

[Middle English extracten, from Latin extrahere, extract- : ex-, ex- + trahere, to draw.]

ex·tract′a·ble, ex·tract′i·ble adj.
ex·trac′tor n.
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Adj.1.extractable - capable of being extracted
removable - capable of being removed or taken away or dismissed; "a removable cord"; "removable partitions"
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2009; Saarela and Vuorinen 2010) by including, in a single study, three sampling times within the growing season, small (10 mm) soil depth increments and measurements of extractable potassium and sulfur, pH and soil organic matter in addition to extractable and total P.
Table 3: Summary statistics for AB-DTPA extractable trace elements of the investigated soils
They will fully benefit from excellent cell growth in upstream, robustness in downstream and a consistent extractable profile in final drug products," said Jean-Marc Cappia, vice president of marketing for Fluid Management Technologies at SSB.
There are many plants, especially herbs, which provide extractable essential oils.
JPL beat stiff competition from Adani Power Maharashtra, D B Power, GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited, JSW Energy, KSK Mahanadi Power Company, Reliance Geothermal Power and Sesa Sterlite for Gare Palma IV/ 2 and IV/ 3, which has extractable reserves of 155.
Chemical analysis revealed that the labile extractable resin components included urea and monomeric and low-molecular-weight UF oligomers.
The extractable soil P content for each was then calculated for all soil samples taken from the Spring Lake watershed.
Low total extractable metals--similar to PTFE- Low total organic carbon extractives similar to PTFE EPDM or silicone is often used in the production/manufacture of pharmaceutical and food related products.
These products are also formulated without the use of metal-based acid receptors, such as magnesium oxide and calcium hydroxide which can result in measurably lower levels of extractable metals.
He acted after receiving reports that officials had doubled or even tripled data on extractable gas reserves at the country's Yolotan-Yashlar groups of deposits.
We have, it appears, trillions of cubic feet of shale gas under our land which will keep us in home-grown gas supplies for anything from several decades to several centuries, depending on how much of it is extractable, and it will relieve us of the necessity to import gas from potentially unfriendly and unstable countries such as Russia.
20 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the major extractable polyphenol in green tea and the most biologically active, when diluted in skim milk remains bioactive and reduces colon cancer cell proliferation in culture at concentrations higher than 0.