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1. Not permitted by law.
2. Outside of the scope of law.

ex′tra·le′gal·ly adv.


from an extralegal point of view
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As Santiago Torres explained, sometimes a vendor "touches your heart," (te toca el corazon) and so he would respond by extralegally extending provisional vending authorization.
The English Crown had used its absolute prerogative to bind subjects extralegally.
To promote practical choice, the Court must be willing to check federal power, extralegally.
137) Moreover, the typical formalist responses to judicial errors--"leave the losses where they fall" and correct the judicial error either extralegally or by drafting contracts differently (138)--are, to say the least, inappropriate.
When King John called Englishmen to account extralegally in his Council in 1215, England's barons demanded in the Magna Carta that no freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or even summoned, except through the mechanisms of law.
Wenzhounese have proven as independent about their religion as they are about their entrepreneurial activities; of the city's 120,000 Catholics, two-thirds choose to worship "underground" - which means though their churches may remain in public view, the worshippers conduct their activities extralegally.
The whole purpose is to right the wrong and if the public believes there was a wrongful exoneration, they might seek to right the wrong extralegally.
Moreover, the FDA's leadership has unilaterally and sometimes extralegally introduced what amount to new requirements for the approval of drugs in addition to the statutory ones of safety and efficacy.
The post-Watergate hyper-legalization of warfare, and the attendant proliferation of criminal investigators, had become so ingrained and threatening that the very idea of acting extralegally was simply off the table, even in times of crisis.
collateral assets that are legally, extralegally, or technologically
Her characters confront religious zealotry, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the desire to avenge crimes extralegally, and the state's right to determine sexual deviance and insanity.
He was said to be able to avoid any restraints, assault any number of caregivers at once, to have been retained extralegally on the DD/Corrections unit despite never having been adjudicated due to employee union pressure on powers as high as the state capitol (this at least could be discredited, but not in the minds of caregivers).