extreme point

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Noun1.extreme point - the point located farthest from the middle of something
extremity - the outermost or farthest region or point
apex, acme, vertex, peak - the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid"
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This, on arriving in Pulteney Street, took the direction of extraordinary hunger, and when that was appeased, changed into an earnest longing to be in bed; such was the extreme point of her distress; for when there she immediately fell into a sound sleep which lasted nine hours, and from which she awoke perfectly revived, in excellent spirits, with fresh hopes and fresh schemes.
He was a pedant, to the most extreme point, the greatest pedant I had met on earth, and with that had a vanity only befitting Alexander of Macedon.
to the extreme point of Tierra del Fuego, is densely covered by impenetrable forests.
Near the end, Hall and Billy went out of sight over the south side of the backbone, and when Saxon saw them again they were rounding the extreme point of rock and coming back on the cove side.
There was an open square for the market-place; and in the centre of it, a large inn with a sign-post in front, displaying an object very common in art, but rarely met with in nature--to wit, a blue lion, with three bow legs in the air, balancing himself on the extreme point of the centre claw of his fourth foot.
For at the extreme point nearest them stood up an odd-looking building, unlike anything they could remember or connect with any purpose.
The central empirical finding is that group discussion is likely to shift judgments toward a more extreme point in the direction indicated by the median of predeliberation judgments.
Both Breitkreuz and Olmstead were dismissed by Chief Saul Terry, president of the Union of British Columbia Chiefs, as holding a temporary, minor and extreme point of view.
Perched on the extreme point of this abrupt rock, Adams continues, the Church Militant with its aspirant Archangel stands high above the world, and seems to threaten heaven itself.
This insistence is carried to the extreme point of celebrating a politics of identity, as if there were no more significant question to be posed to essentialization than that provided by the images of lost youths who have abandoned their true roots.
Constructed on the extreme point of a promontory, the property is composed of the main villa of roughly 1700m2 with 8 bedrooms, a winter garden, a spa and 11000 square meters of park and Mediterranean scrub with a private beach.
The multidimensional user verification is based on the n-dimensional testing function with the one global extreme point.