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tr.v. ex·tri·cat·ed, ex·tri·cat·ing, ex·tri·cates
To release from an entanglement or difficulty; disengage.

[Latin extrīcāre, extrīcāt- : ex-, ex- + trīcae, hindrances, perplexities.]

ex′tri·ca·ble (-kə-bəl) adj.
ex′tri·ca′tion n.
Synonyms: extricate, disengage, disentangle, untangle
These verbs mean to free from something that entangles: extricated herself from an embarrassing situation; disengaged his attention from the television; sought to disentangle fact from fiction in the account; lawyers tasked with untangling the corporation's financial dealings.
References in classic literature ?
This operation took at least four hours, but at length the inner balloon once completely extricated did not appear to have suffered in the least degree.
0844 33 88 222 MUSIC Brix & The Extricated This peculiar supergroup of one time Fall members are touring their energised first album together under their new Extricated banner ("Part 2").
Ross Turnbull, a group manager with the service, said: "The deceased was a male adult in the car and we extricated him from the vehicle.
It was previously hoped that they would be extricated from Al-Hadeed but most of the airports in Yemen are not usable anymore", she told.
Sullivan, rescue crews extricated a driver trapped in her vehicle for approximately 45 minutes.
However, Richard Mullen gradually extricated Mixed Message and the pair ran on strongly to nail Dream Vale close home as the runner-up appeared to be done no favours by the jockeyless Grand Jipeck.
Due to the damage to the vehicle, the woman was trapped in her car, and the roof was removed so she could be safely extricated by ambulance crews.
He was extricated from his vehicle by county firefighters and was taken to Brantford General Hospital then transferred to Hamilton General Hospital.
A spokesman said: "The man was trapped but was rapidly extricated by the fire service and received emergency treatment at the scene.
Jordan's Ambassador to Khartoum, Munther Qabba'a stated to Petra that the quantities were extricated by Brinsley Company in two fields northeast of Sudan, adding that the company is currently drilling in 13 fields in the same area.
CDATA[ Volunteers from rescue group ZAKA extricated eight Haitian students who were trapped under the wreckage for 38 hours.
A spokeswoman for Cleveland Fire Brigade said: "We extricated two casualties - one from each vehicle involved.