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Noun1.extropy - the prediction that human intelligence and technology will enable life to expand in an orderly way throughout the entire universe
forecasting, foretelling, prediction, prognostication - a statement made about the future
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Two cases were Dandy Walker Cysts with other anomalies, two cases were CHD with limb defects, two cases were ascites with microcephaly and others were cloacal extropy, corpus callosal agenesis and Anophthalmia one each.
40) Since the 1980s, the Extropy Institute has been a venue for transhumanist ideas.
That the atheist has the capacity for faith is elegantly illustrated by Michael Shermer in his account of a conference sponsored by the Extropy Institute:
1994), "What If Uploads Come First: The Crack of a Future Dawn", Extropy 6(2).
1) Entre las organizaciones transhumanistas mas destacadas se pueden contar la Asociacion Transhumanista Mundial, el Extropy Institute, el Foro y Asociacion Transhumanista "Fast and Astra" (Fastra), la Asociacion Transhumanista Internacional, etc.
Adherents of movements such as Extropy (founded in 1988 and devoted to unlimited progress through advanced science and technology) believe it is our duty to develop ourselves physically and culturally into a superior version of humanity.
Extropy refers to the transhumanist belief that order and concentration of knowledge is constantly increasing, to the betterment of all.
The movement, which has gathered force in the last ten years and coalesced around organizations like the Extropy Institute, the online magazine BetterHumans, and the World Transhumanist Association, is a motley crew of serious academics, journalists, and scientists, cyber self-help gurus, nanotech venture capitalists, polyamorists and gender-benders, cryonics freaks, and artificial intelligence geeks.
In addition to Stock's program at UCLA, the Los Angeles-based Extropy Institute holds workshops on how to organize politically to advance the "post-human" agenda, including sessions on how to talk to the press and public about human genetic modification in ways that build support and diffuse opposition.