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also ex·tra·ver·sion  (ĕk′strə-vûr′zhən)
1. Interest in or behavior directed toward others or one's environment rather than oneself.
2. A turning inside out, as of an organ or part.

ex′tro·ver′sive adj.
ex′tro·ver′sive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.extroversive - directed outward; marked by interest in others or concerned with external reality
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
sociable - inclined to or conducive to companionship with others; "a sociable occasion"; "enjoyed a sociable chat"; "a sociable conversation"; "Americans are sociable and gregarious"
ambiversive - intermediate between introversive and extroversive
introversive, introvertive - directed inward; marked by interest in yourself or concerned with inner feelings
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Postponement argument was proposed by Kierkegaard against extroversive researches of religion, but it can be seen in Ghazali's views.
The first scale assesses a continuum going from a participative, involved, and extroversive orientation at the low end, to a detached, internal, and introversive orientation at the high pole.
Unlike the introspective eyes of nineteenth-century literature, Perec's characters' eyes are extroversive and interactive--establishing a complicated network of regards that link characters to each other and to the objects, places, memories, and dreams that make a life.