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The cast-off skins or coverings of various organisms, such as the shells of crabs or the external coverings of the larvae and nymphs of insects.

[Latin, from exuere, to take off; see eu- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·u′vi·al (-vē-əl) adj.


pl n, sing exuvia (-vɪə)
(Zoology) layers of skin or cuticle shed by animals during ecdysis
[C17: from Latin: things stripped off (the body), from exuere to strip off]
exˈuvial adj
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Noun1.exuviae - cast-off skins or coverings of various organisms during ecdysis
body covering - any covering for the body or a body part
References in classic literature ?
Its throes will heave our exuviae from their graves.
Mealybugs were observed daily under a stereomicroscope and ecdysis was confirmed by the presence of exuviae near nymphs.
Servio: praeda est quae eripitur, praemium quod offertur e Isidoro de Sevilla: Spolia hostium: praeda, manubiae, exuviae, partes), como las juridicas (D.
Under stereoscopic microscope, the count of the number of eggs, mites and exuviae of T urticae present along the main vein was counted.
A critique of the dragonfly delusion hypothesis: why sampling exuviae does not avoid bias.
Thus, chitin resorption is the most likely reason behind consumption of the shed exuviae.
It is important to state that the only chitin source was form diet, since every time one specimen moult, the exuviae was inmediatly removed from the tank.
The changes of instars were detected to be noted the exuviae, and by himself growth of nymphs.
preserved in manuscript has been the song/ode for three voices to Latin lyrics Dukes exuviae and the ode for four voices Collis o heliconi, set to a text by the Latin Roman poet Catullus.
The narrator's reformist claim here ironically turns the tables on the carver, whose profession is now declared to be mistaken according to the narrator's sentimental Christian piety: "Our thoughts should soar upward with the butterfly--not linger with the exuviae that confined him.
Dai, Isotherm, Thermodynamic, Kinetics and Adsorption Mechanism Studies of Methyl Orange by Surfactant Modified Silkworm Exuviae, J.
Virgil's Dulces exuviae (Dido's lament), for instance, was set by Despres, Lasso, Mouton, Orto, Vaet, Willaert, and many others.