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v. ex·u·vi·at·ed, ex·u·vi·at·ing, ex·u·vi·ates
To shed or cast off (a covering).
To shed or cast off exuviae; molt.

ex·u′vi·a′tion n.
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It includes cell nutrients, powerful antioxidants and moisturisers, and has the ability to normalise cell renewal and exfoliation - the process of exuviation.
This means that shrimp have the adaptation to tolerate starvation, saving energy from exuvia, including the energy challenged to mobilize reserves, chitin digestion, and exuviation.
In crustaceans, the molt cycle refers to the modifications that occur between two successive exuviations and has been subdivided into the following major stages: A (early postmolt), B (late postmolt), C (intermolt) and D (premolt).