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A bolt having a looped head designed to receive a hook or rope.


(Mechanical Engineering) a threaded bolt, the head of which is formed into a ring or eye for lifting, pulling, or securing



a bolt having a ring-shaped head.
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Then the party rose, and dragging me to the crumbling arch, made me fast to a huge, corroded, copper ring which was dangling from an eyebolt imbedded in the masonry.
Ideally, the location of the eyebolt is at the mold's center of gravity, so it does not tilt.
Attach the leash or tether to a heavy piece of furniture (or an eyebolt screwed securely into something solid) near the main entryway to your home.
The steel or nylon rods extended from their respective assemblies laterally from their point of attachment toward a steel eyebolt connected to an adjustable rigid strap located at the right acromion process (Figure 2).
At the front of the handguard is an eye-bolt that serves as a sling attachment point and the rear push-pin also features another eyebolt that can serve as the rear sling attachment point.
With the cable you could secure it to a bed frame or eyebolt or anything too clang heavy to move easily.
Our analysis of the eyebolt as the symbol of the ankh is in error because of the direction shown in the dream is always complimentary [sic]--that is 90 degrees from consciousness therefore rather than Seeing the eyebolt as it was shown, it in reality is the other way round.
It's not as good as a Gunvault for the car, but if you weld the eyebolt and use a good lock, you can get close.
An eyebolt pulls the packer for long runs or multiple bends.
The left hand, aft wing strut attachment eyebolt pulled out of the threaded lift strut fitting, resulting in loss of vertical control.
The eyebolt then is free to swivel 360 degree and can be used at any angle up) to 90 degree.
Materials: 1 small log (7 to 21 inches thickness may vary from 4 inches or larger) 1 1/4-inch dowel rod Wood glue 1 medium eyebolt Directions: 1.