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Noun1.eyeglass wearer - a person who wears spectacles in order to see bettereyeglass wearer - a person who wears spectacles in order to see better
beholder, observer, perceiver, percipient - a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses
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There are a number of benefits of wearing eyeglasses as a fashion accessory including improvement in eyesight while making the eyeglass wearer look good.
Evans, who has more than 150,000 social media followers, is a long-time eyeglass wearer, and she is passionate about selecting eyeglasses that make a statement.
As an eyeglass wearer, I appreciated the excellent eye relief and the retractable eyecups with four click-stop positions.
With an eye relief of 17mm, the Yardage Pro Quest is classified as a long eye relief binocular, enabling an eyeglass wearer to capture the full field of view when the rubber eyecups are rolled down.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitovers Eyewear(R) are the world's favorite fashionable sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses, specifically crafted for the prescription eyeglass wearer with an active lifestyle.
It's a practical and attractive way for eyeglass wearers — prescription, readers (cheaters) or sunglasses — to keep them at the ready.
In order to minimise the disadvantages of wearing glasses, here's a run-down of tips for eyeglass wearers.
So, to answer your question, I would highly recommend face paint for eyeglass wearers.
The survey of Millennial eyeglass wearers (ages 18 to 34) explored factors and values that influence their purchasing behavior and their understanding of the need for UV protection.
Long eye relief design affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing
Eyeglass wearers can also use ZEISS VR ONE without difficulty as the "eyebox" is large enough for most eyeglass frames, therefore eliminating the need for complicated adjustments on the integrated ZEISS lenses.
The ocular lens has several settings for eyeglass wearers.