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(ˈaɪˌoʊ pə nər)

1. an experience or disclosure that provides sudden enlightenment.
2. a drink of liquor taken very early in the day.
[1810–20, Amer.]
eye′o`pen•ing, adj.
References in classic literature ?
Clara had a startling eyeopener when, on being suddenly wakened to enthusiasm by a girl of her own age who dazzled her and produced in her a gushing desire to take her for a model, and gain her friendship, she discovered that this exquisite apparition had graduated from the gutter in a few months' time.
She says: "It's been an eyeopener for me, seeing what comes into the warehouse and seeing how many vouchers are needed.
This incident should act as an eyeopener for other members.
He said: "Because we won it two years on the bounce last year was a bit of an eyeopener.
Katrina Heenan was formerly the lead singer in hit club girl-group Eyeopener.
What an eyeopener, though, crowds of people all potty about plants.
Dance School: Juilliard, a documentary by EyeOpener Productions, looks at what it's like to study at the rigorous conservatory.
The packaging on this product alone is a real eyeopener.
We need to look better as a unit and maybe this is a good eyeopener for us and a good wake-up call that things are not easy in this part of the world.
Broadcom is the first company to address this through its proprietary EyeOpener equalizer technology that enables module and system vendors to design their sub-systems for the lowest cost XFP implementation.