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eye patch

or eye·patch  (ī′păch′)
A pad or shield of cloth worn over an eye socket or an injured eye to protect it or over a healthy eye in the treatment of amblyopia.
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Noun1.eyepatch - a protective cloth covering for an injured eyeeyepatch - a protective cloth covering for an injured eye
cloth covering - a covering made of cloth
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This code is good for a free Karma Chameleon pet, a birthday eyepatch, a "parrrty" hat, and two celebratory pet snacks.
The hero of the show - voiced by David Jason - worked as a spy, wore an eyepatch and lived underneath a post box in the centre of London.
Snake adopts him, and we later see him as a grown wolf who wears an eyepatch like Snake does.
On May 3 in Flensburg, the Third Reich's final capital, Himmler shaved off his moustache, put on an eyepatch and adopted the name Heinrich Hitzinger, a sergeant executed for "disloyalty".
Eyepatch Deborah, who now wears an eyepatch, then had months of radiotherapy, and a year later had recovered enough to return to work.
A few years ago a member walked into the office wearing an eyepatch.
Try an eyepatch, wear dark glasses with one lens, squint or close your dominant eye, and so forth.
MUSOS are well known for their trademarks, whether it's Slash's top hat, Brandon Flowers' feathered epaulettes or Gabrielle's eyepatch.
Alex has redrawn the sappy little Birthday Bunny into a heroic version of himself, a bunny with an eyepatch and super powers, called Battle Bunny.
She spent three months in hospital and still needs a stick to walk, as well as an eyepatch or special glasses for double vision.
Her photographs of the matriarch Hirbaiben Lobi, a young bride on her wedding night, and Anwarbhai, the bank teller with an eyepatch, are singular and thought provoking.
Belmokhtar, renowned for the eyepatch he has worn since losing an eye, is one of the historic leaders of the jihadists' north African franchise, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.