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n. fabela, fibrocartílago sesamoideo que puede desarrollarse en la cabeza del músculo gastronecmio.
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Virginia Fabella, a Filipino feminist theologian and longstanding member of the IGI editorial advisory committee, has reminisced about the IGI and its community.
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Paz was on the way to the Fabella Hospital in Manila when her placenta ruptured.
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There would be feminists from many parts of the world -- Catherine Halkes from Holland; Mary Grey from England; Elizabeth Fiorenza, Elizabeth Johnson and Rosemary Ruether from the United States; Ivone Gebara from Brazil; Virginia Fabella from the Philippines.
If the girls, one of whom did not fully develop from the chest down, share one heart or one liver, they may not survive, a spokeswoman of the Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital said.
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