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tr.v. fab·ri·cat·ed, fab·ri·cat·ing, fab·ri·cates
1. To make; create.
2. To construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardized parts: fabricate small boats.
3. To concoct in order to deceive: fabricated a convincing excuse.

[Middle English fabricaten, from Latin fabricārī, fabricāt-, to make, from fabrica, craft; see fabric.]

fab′ri·ca′tion n.
fab′ri·ca′tion·al adj.
fab′ri·ca′tor n.


Individuals or groups who, without genuine resources, invent information or inflate or embroider over news for personal gain or for political purposes.
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Noun1.fabricator - someone who tells lies
liar, prevaricator - a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly


1. One who makes a fraudulent copy of something:
2. One who tells lies:
Informal: storyteller.
Law: perjurer.
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HOUSTON -- COADE announced today the April release of COADE PV Fabricator, a new software product for the automated production of design and fabrication deliverables for pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
Their relief is often premature, however, as problems discovered by the fabricator result in resending data, lengthy phone calls, and in the worst case, a re-layout and respin of the board.
AMP), a sheet metal fabricator based in San Jose, Calif.
A fabricator will check every design that comes in, regardless of whether the designer deems it perfect, because it has to make sure the boards can be built.
Here at Men of Steel Rebar Fabricators, LLC, we pride ourselves on being the east coast's premier rebar and caisson fabricator.
Testing a preproduction sample is essential to determining if the fabricator can meet your quality requirements.
It is true that often a designer does not want the fabricator to modify the PCB data file.
The fabricator can recoup his startup cost after sealing just 4 to 5 kitchens with approximately 60 sq.
is a custom fabricator of topside facilities, equipment modules and other structures used in the development and production of oil and gas reserves.
Founded in February of 1997, the International Solid Surface Fabricators Association (ISSFA) is a not-for-profit trade association established to further the personal and professional interests of the solid surface and quartz fabricator.
Lead-free related topics including laminate selection, final finishes and design for lead-free manufacturing taken together were by far still something fabricator want to hear more about.
Steel Plus Network awarded its "Quarterly Project - Winter 2003" to Trump Iron Works, a fabricator member located in Crown Point, Indiana.