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intr.v. fab·u·lat·ed, fab·u·lat·ing, fab·u·lates
To engage in the composition of fables or stories, especially those featuring a strong element of fantasy: "a land which ... had given itself up to dreaming, to fabulating, to tale-telling" (Lawrence Durrell).

[Latin fābulārī, fābulāt-, to talk, from fābula, tale, talk; see fable.]

fab′u·la′tion n.
fab′u·la′tor n.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) to invent (fables or stories)
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Eco's The Rose is not treated, but the argumentations on realism, referentiality, anti-realism, wordplays, and metaphysical, historical, and epistemological systems apply very well to Eco's strategies in fabulating cultural history and contemporary socio-political realities.
Michael Witzel, drawing upon mythology, anthropology, and modern genetic science, situates a "common origin" for our world myths in East Africa: "Anatomically modern humans" are "homo narrans or homo fabulans, a narrating and fabulating being," whose deepest roots lie in the myths of the "African Eve.
The Mailer trademark shades of the hipster, existential anguish, walpurgisnacht, kinetic energy was relentlessly fashioning protagonists and fabulating experiences.
They also confirmed in her her sense of the self as the shifting and evanescent issue of a dialectic between memory and the fabulating intelligence.
For Buonano, fiction performs three functions: the first qualifies as fabulating, because it brings to life the thirst for stories that lies within us, satisfying the deep and universal pleasure to listen, to let oneself get carried away in the story, activating identification and reading abilities for diverse genres.
From their perspective, clever Odysseus is a fool in that the fabulating hero refuses to recognize his own shadow, the repressed "other" inside his unconscious.
However, consciousness representations three to five also seem to feature other indications of the narrator's fabulating presence.
Fabulating beauty; perspectives on the fiction of Peter Carey.
Stripping his images of fashion and pop references, the photographer addresses the realities of political violence without letting go of the fabulous and fabulating possibilities of his medium.
In Firode's crisscrosser, the lives of a homeless man, a young appliance store clerk, her female roomie, a barfly, a fabulating young man en route to a job interview, a fellow who's two-timing his wife and a handful of other nicely sketched characters semi-intersect in the course of one long day in Paris.
Hence, from a panoramic opening on a country between 1925 and 1933, the plot folds back upon itself to relate a scandal in Lukones following the hiring of the veteran Pedro Mahagones, a story about lightning, the rise and death of the poet Carlo Caconcelles, a number of episodes about Gonzalo Pirobutirro's life told by the fabulating community of Jose, La Battistina, la Peppa, and others, Gonzalo's and Elisabetta's pathos, the mysterious attack on the latter, the poem "Autunno," and more.