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Noun1.Face guard - face mask consisting of a strong wire mesh on the front of football helmetsface guard - face mask consisting of a strong wire mesh on the front of football helmets
face mask - mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey
football helmet - a padded helmet with a face mask to protect the head of football players
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Four scores in a row followed from Clonkill but Oulart rallied again in the final quarter, easing home against their Westmeath hosts who saw Shane Power dismissed for a face guard infringement in the closing stages of the tie.
Refined over 30 years of sailing, the Marinepool 'Hobart' offshore sailing jacket is breathable and waterproof and features abrasion resistant and pre-shaped sleeves, protective face guard, chest pocket with welded, waterproof zipper, 3M reflective patches and printing, neon hood, double cuff system with laminated inner PU cuffs and a fleece-lined collar.
Henifin wore a face guard and protective clothing to move more than 300 bottles to a steel trash bin and most had exploded by Tuesday.
If it had been possible to donate during this challenge to send Davina a neoprene face guard to keep the biting winds off her face as she cycled in driving rain and 70 mile per hour winds then that's where the money would have gone: that, and tissues as she is reduced to helpless tears several times a day before soldiering on.
Padding in helmets can help provide a better fit and a face guard option allows for more safety against stray pitches.
Holmes - who has already been made to wear a face guard in custody because he keeps spitting at staff - will be issued with several green prison shirts and matching trousers.
Clare shows up at jobs with cages, rubber and leather gloves, a face guard to protect against angry animals and skunk spray, hay hooks to grab cages, a web cam attached to a pvc pipe to peek into dark nests or dens and a .
Another recommendation for the governing body says junior wicketkeepers are now allowed to wear either a face guard or a helmet, or both.
The inflated balloon of an 18-Fr Foley catheter attached to the face guard of a cricket helmet was used as a posterior nasal pack.
A personal flotation device and helmet with a face guard are required.
Just a borrowed helmet with my old face guard, my old skates not as good as everyone else's - a stick with a plastic blade, and my own elbow and knee pads just for street skating," he said.
Beauchemin skated Wednesday with a football-style face guard attached to his helmet.