facial tissue

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fa′cial tis`sue

a soft, disposable paper tissue.
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Noun1.facial tissue - tissue paper suitable for use on the facefacial tissue - tissue paper suitable for use on the face
tissue paper, tissue - a soft thin (usually translucent) paper
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is reducing the prices of its Charmin bath tissue, Puffs facial tissue and Bounty paper towels because of recent declines in raw material prices.
Dover also shared, "With Vbeam treatment, visible blood vessels will disappear very nicely when patients are treated because the wavelength of Vbeam is absorbed well by the hemoglobin, which reduces the chance of damage to surrounding facial tissue.
Army branded products including paper towels, paper napkins and facial tissue that will be distributed to drug stores, grocery stores, club stores and discount retailers nationwide.
With the software's unique soft-tissue "solver," Face Robot simulates how facial tissue slides and deforms during the formation of expressions and includes a corrective sculpting system for detailed art direction.
And even though facial tissue is required in every classroom, parents may not be aware of how Kleenex brand tissues can help keep their kids' hands clean - or how by using Kleenex tissues, they can also help support healthy schools.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Scotties Facial Tissue will be launching its second annual TREES ROCK
He may fetch a glass of cold water or a box of facial tissue.
Latest innovation from Georgia-Pacific delivers softness and strength for facial tissue at an appealing price
The blue and green packaging is designed for display in the home -- a factor which may increase its appeal to women, the primary facial tissue purchasers.
The market is showing growth, with toilet tissue and kitchen towel showing like-for-like growth but facial tissue declining.
While there is little hope for growth due to increases in population, some demographics offer potential for increases in use of products such as paper napkins and facial tissue.