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 (fā′shē-ēz′, -shēz)
n. pl. facies
1. Biology The general aspect or outward appearance, as of a given growth of flora.
2. Medicine The appearance or expression of the face, especially when typical of a certain disorder or disease.
3. Geology A rock or stratified body distinguished from others by its appearance or composition.

[Latin faciēs; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -cies
1. (Biology) the general form and appearance of an individual or a group of plants or animals
2. (Geological Science) the characteristics of a rock or series of rocks reflecting their appearance, composition, and conditions of formation
3. (Medicine) med the general facial expression of a patient, esp when typical of a specific disease or disorder. See Hippocratic facies
[C17: from Latin: appearance, face]


(ˈfeɪ ʃiˌiz, -ʃiz)

n., pl. fa•ci•es.
1. general appearance, as of an animal or vegetable group.
2. the appearance and characteristics of a rock formation, esp. as differentiated from contiguous deposits.
3. a facial expression characteristic of a pathological condition.
4. a distinctive phase of a prehistoric cultural tradition.
[1680–1690; < Latin: form, figure, appearance, face, akin to facere to make]


Features of the appearance or composition of a rock representing a local environment.
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Linnaeus said long ago, "Nescio quae facies laeta, glabra plantis Americanis" (I know not what there is of joyous and smooth in the aspect of American plants); and I think that in this country there are no, or at most very few, Africanae bestiae, African beasts, as the Romans called them, and that in this respect also it is peculiarly fitted for the habitation of man.
The university spokesman informed that most of the presentations related to Indus river deltaic depositional system and facies were delivered on spot in the field at Dolha Daryah Bridge of Sujawal and Thatta, Shah Bander, Jangiser, Kharochaan, Sajanwary Creek and Keti Bandar.
El objetivo del presente trabajo es la identificacion de facies sedimentarias de la formacion Suretka incluyendo: descripcion litologica, estructuras sedimentarias, caracterizacion petrografica y correlaciones estratigraficas para su respectivo analisis y discusion con respecto a su genesis y contexto tectonico-sedimentario de depositacion en los alrededores de Siquirres cuenca de Limon Sur.
They cover effects of sedimentary facies on structural styles in the Canadian Rocky Mountain fold and thrust belt, Late Cretaceous geology and fossils of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Lower to Middle Cambrian of the southern Canadian Rockies, the Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup in Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks in northwestern Montana and southwestern Alberta: sedimentation facies and syndepositional deformation, and Montney formation analogs: exposures of the Sulphur Mountain Formation around Canmore and Kananaskis in western Alberta.
Twenty four facies have been identified including six siliciclastic lithofacies belong to oxygenated coastal belt-tidal flat consists of 1-Gcm lithofacies as beach channel fill 2-3-two sandstone lithofacies belongs to shoreface and offshore transition 4-siltstone lithofacies belongs to offshore and supratidal 5-6-two shale lithofacies consist of shale devoid of fossils belongs to supratidal and shale with foraminifera belongs to shallow open marine, one evaporative lithofacies belongs to saline, seventeen carbonate faciesfrom sea toward land consist of nine facies most of them micritic belong to open marine, two grain stone facies belong to barrier, five miliolid, ostracoda and peloid facies belong to lagoon and one marl with no fossils facies belongs to supratidal.
At the Tamajon outcrop the Late Cenomanian Utrillas wedges are composed of four facies associations (FA1 to FA4), which unconformably overlay Triassic deposits.
The post-Cretaceous Paleocene of Syria, a Fm known as Aliji, developed in a thick marly-to-chalky facies out-cropping in the Damascene-Palmyrid fold belts, the north-west of the Aleppo area and into south-eastern Turkey.
El analisis estratigrafico y sedimentario permitio identificar 7 facies en las pampas de altura de las sierras pampeanas de Cordoba: 1) limo arenoso macizo fuertemente cementado, 2) arcillas limosas con megatabiques de carbonato de calcio, 3) arena limosa pardo rojiza con clastos, 4) limos arenosos bioturbados pardo rojizos, 5) arenas limosas laminadas y cementadas, 6) limo arenosos amarillentos macizos con clastos y, 7) limo arenoso oscuro con estructura prismatica.
In the current study, all available published data have been gathered and placed in an updated stratigraphy that also incorporates facies variation of the units.
En las columnas sedimentologicas, al sector suroeste de la isla Mamo ,se observan de 1 a 6 secuencias grano decreciente (Figura 2), con predominio de facies limo arcillosas con moderadas bioturbaciones y pocas facies arcillosas al tope de la secuencia y en la base, facies arenosas con laminacion paralela y cruzada, con escasas a moderadas bioturbaciones.
Posteriormente, se introdujo la muestra en el difractometro, a partir del cual se obtiene el difractograma, para luego ser dilucidado y determinar las facies mineralogicas presentes.