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Noun1.facing pages - two facing pages of a book or other publicationfacing pages - two facing pages of a book or other publication
page - one side of one leaf (of a book or magazine or newspaper or letter etc.) or the written or pictorial matter it contains
center spread, centre spread - the spread at the center of a magazine
centerfold, centrefold - a magazine center spread; especially a foldout of a large photograph or map or other feature
publication - a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
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What are the two facing pages in the middle of a magazine or newspaper known as?
Two volumes packaged in a slip case present 750 pages of visual experiences: full-page photos of built projects all over the world, and facing pages with diagrams illustrating the design.
Facing pages include a treatment decision tree on one side and descriptive text on the other.
Recipes and color photos on facing pages make it easy for home cooks to reproduce eye-catching results.
His lovely photos from the last thirty years are captured in full color and full splendor: facing pages are largely white with a small line to identify each photo, detracting not at all from the image's presentation.
Examples of statements with and without apostrophes are presented in facing pages demonstrating how very different intentions can be with the wrong grammar choice.
Alessandra Mantovani, editor and translator of the De Sermone by the humanist, poet, and public figure, Giovanni Giovano Pontano (1429-1502), provides readers with an admirably translated Italian text of this Renaissance classic with facing pages in Latin.
Products and their related accessories are located on facing pages, making it easy to order consoles, racks, and enclosures, along with any options.
On facing pages are the letters decorated in fancy frames, a word relating to an object in the picture, and some questions such as: "What song do you imagine the man is playing for the little girls?
The new edition of The Book of Concord includes translations of both the German and Latin versions on facing pages, not in parallel columns on the same page as in the Tappert edition, an improvement in readability.
Watercolor illustrations on primed brown paper bags with collage offer visual delights for readers of all ages and stimulate many questions and comments that may, or may not, be answered in the accompanying poems on the facing pages.