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Verb1.factor analyse - to perform a factor analysis of correlational data
analyse, analyze - break down into components or essential features; "analyze today's financial market"
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Using only responses from the derivation sample, a series of factor analyses and item analyses were computed to arrive at an optimal solution of CCMQ items.
One set of questionnaires to measure these traits comes from Studies of adjectives used to describe personality, Factor analyses, which mathematically divvy up such adjectives into as few coherent groups as possible, identified five independent personality dimensions as early as 1934.
Factor analyses from the seven-school pilot study demonstrated that professionalism items are good fits within each of the 5 domains.
In the first step, a 70 item instrument, the Multidimensional Coping Inventory, was developed based on factor analyses to represent the various aspects of coping by addressing theoretical considerations pertaining to individual coping strategies (13).
Furthermore, by including the discounting rates for money in the factor analyses, it was also possible to determine whether the discounting of money is independent of the discounting of some or all of the social policy outcomes.
Confirmatory factor analyses failed to provide support for the 5Cs model identified in previous research (i.
Initially, several exploratory factor analyses using principal axis factor analysis with oblimin rotation were conducted.
Here she explains the types of anger and reviews current literature, describes her methods and results, and presents confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses.
There were two main processes examined in the following paragraphs: Parents' demographic characteristics and, parents' responses and factor analyses.
Descriptive statistics and the most pertinent results from item, reliability, and factor analyses are summarized here.
It includes in-depth company profiles, trends that will push market expansion, and cost factor analyses for the planning and implementation of wireless IT in a variety of healthcare settings.
The results from the exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses supported a stable 5-factor structure of the CCS: (a) Acceptance, Reframing, and Striving; (b) Family Support; (c) Religion-Spirituality; (d) Avoidance and Detachment; and (e) Private Emotional Outlets.