factory worker

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Noun1.factory worker - a workman in a mill or factoryfactory worker - a workman in a mill or factory  
mill-girl - a girl who works in a mill
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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On July 17, 1996, a 24-year-old male factory worker went to a local clinic with diarrhea.
A NORTH Korean factory worker was publicly executed by firing squad for speaking to a friend in the South on an illegal mobile phone.
Jason Quinlan, 39, factory worker, Llanishen, Cardiff.
A welsh factory worker who bought a Lotto ticket to cheer herself up has landed a pounds 1.
This is the only sequence in which a woman discusses work, although why the playwrights remove us from the action by having a woman discuss her friend's job, rather than presenting us with the factory worker herself, is one of the puzzling creative choices here.
One border-town factory worker takes on industry and society to live her life openly as a lesbian
Jackie Stewart still insists money does not matter after becoming the richest Ford factory worker in history, writes IAN GORDON.
Spira came to animal rights relatively late in his life, after a varied career as a merchant marine, factory worker, labor organizer and public high school teacher.
Pat Pears, 67, a retired factory worker from Middlesbrough, said: "You have to jail them.
Joseph was a factory worker until retirement, while Louise worked as a dinner lady at Fitzalan High.
A FORMER factory worker claiming to be the rightful heir to the landowning Talbot family's pounds 300m fortune wants his MP Donald Anderson to look into a police investigation of a cremation.
A former Warhol Factory worker, founder of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design's influential publishing program, and most recently dean of the Frankfurt Stadelschule and director of the institution's Portikus project space, the fifty-six-year-old Konig is incontestably a mover and shaker--and Cologne could use a little moving and shaking.