The manner in which something, especially a work of art, is made: "the gummy surfaces, spectral smudges and woozy contours that ... appear in counterpoint to the clear, bright facture that had heretofore been [the artist's] hallmark" (Robert Shorr).

[French, from Latin factūra, a working or making; see feature.]


1. (Building) construction
2. workmanship; quality
[C15: from Old French, from Latin factūra]


(ˈfæk tʃər)

the act, process, or manner of making something.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin factūra]
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beaucoup moins que] Nous sommes en regle : nous avons achete les motocycles avec une facture ou avec une attestation de vente [beaucoup plus grand que], ont-ils avance comme arguments.
Educational system of complete system and correlated which on that organized facture and sub-systems are formed can substand all the pre-detemined purposes by the continuous Activities.
E la facture des depenses des Egyptiens au cours de la fete.
Mushtaq, 39, a Pakistani, has a facture on his right hand but his condition is stable," Farooq Langove, Labour and Welfare AttachEa at the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi, told Gulf News.
The effectiveness of the drug has been shown in men with osteoporosis in a two-year study of 243 patients who are at high risk of facture.
The 17-year-old didn't even think she would compete in Melbourne after a stress facture of the shin forced her on to crutches in November.
The weekend, though, was different as he castigated El Hadji Diouf for allegedly abusing an opponent who was laid out on the turf with what was later confirmed to be a double leg facture.
371,93 Ron, achieving the following: taxable transactions: The economic agent has registered expenditure concerning the differences of exchange rate in red amounting 7 Run, from the leasing facture nr.
If there are facture lines, the break occurred perimortem.
5) They also recommend testing for younger, postmenopausal women with [greater than or equal to]1 risk factor other than gender and age, and postmenopausal women who present with any facture.
Tel a E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] le cas du Jordanien moyen, E[umlaut]poustouflE[umlaut] par la hausse ahurissante de-sa facture d'E[umlaut]lectricitE[umlaut].
The facture of the piece--the phrases that seem bound by spun steel--impresses as much as the variety of ensembles and the gestural signposts hung on the structure.

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