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Noun1.fad diet - a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularityfad diet - a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularity
obesity diet, reducing diet - a diet designed to help you lose weight (especially fat)
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There is a new approach that doesn't require depriving yourself of key nutrients or following the latest fad diet.
Rather than start another fad diet this January 1, research suggests that dieters should select foods with "staying power" like whole citrus that help curb appetite and prevent overeating(a).
However, this time the former Emmerdale star has insisted she will never do another fad diet again - as her husband Rob Tickle, 35, thinks she's the "sexiest woman in the world".
According to a paper published by the US-based University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, there are easy steps to decipher if a diet is healthy or just another fad diet that has temporary results, which are unhealthy in the long run.
The study by Weight Watchers UK reveals 31 per cent of women plan to start a fad diet in the New Year and 13 per cent admit to following a weight-loss plan regardless of the health risks involved.
The TV presenter had also talked about losing weight with a dangerous fad diet that involves not eating any solid food for a month.
A highly recommended pick for any who would do more than just jump on another fad diet plan.
Hailing from what is arguably the fad diet capital of the world, Taipei native, Denise Chung, is still on the road to recovery after a fad diet turned sour.
Yvonne tried every fad diet but kept piling weight on until the gastric band.
It's as if these men were proposing the latest dubious fad diet or anti-wrinkle cream.
Speaking at Aberdeen University, Dr Volek - of the Department of Kinesiology at Conn- ecticut University, told delegates: "People were led to believe that Atkins was a fad diet and it was dangerous for a variety of reasons but this has changed.