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1. Having the nature of a fad.
2. Given to fads.

fad′dish·ly adv.
fad′dish·ness n.


in a faddish manner
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Adv.1.faddishly - in a faddish manner
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Over the long years of its tenacious existence, never have its guardians of the budget seen the wisdom or propriety in faddishly following General Assembly when a new Book of Praise was approved.
The enthusiasm that emanates from The View from the Tower will increase the number of turrophiles, but it will also-and that is its greatest merit- serve as a monument to the unaging intellect that seeks to understand itself first on the basis of knowing its own cultural past without, conveniently and faddishly, having to break with it.
Have we faddishly rushed to investigate first one, then another of this phenomenon's facets?