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A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.

[Possibly from fidfad, fussy person, fussy, from fiddle-faddle.]

fad′dism n.
fad′dist n.
fad′dy adj.


flavin adenine dinucleotide


an inclination for adopting fads. — faddishness, faddist, n. — faddish, adj.
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Many of us have had enough of food faddism, food fetishism, food fear-mongering.
This news is important in that it tempers the shrill, growing post-modern hysteria of fat-free faddism that is threatening to derail common sense.
In a frank introduction to a 2010 reprint of his earlier article, Hallinger pointed out that 'Leadership models in education are subject to the same faddism in other areas of education.
We bought our first box of Lego at the aforementioned visit and ever since our daughter has been hooked like a fish reeled in by pester power and attendant character trait, faddism.
Although at times very fun, the sub genre has almost become a byword for faddism and style over substance.
PET and the pendulum: Faddism in education and how to stop it.
A food faddism causing vision loss in an autistic child.
We take youngsters into a process of drills, of practice, of diets, and faddism, of missing matches so that they can prepare to play.