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 (fä′tho͞o, făth′ō)
n. pl. fa·dos
A sad Portuguese folk song.

[Portuguese, from Latin fātum, fate; see fate.]


(Music, other) a type of melancholy Portuguese folk song
[literally: fate]


(ˈfɑ du, -doʊ)

n., pl. -dos.
a Portuguese folk song that is typically of doleful or fatalistic character.
[1900–05; < Portuguese < Latin fatum fate]
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Noun1.fado - a sad Portuguese folksong
folk ballad, folk song, folksong - a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture
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The Portuguese parliament approved the transfer of Eusebio to the National Pantheon, alongside heroes like fado singer Amalia Rodrigues, in February, following legal doubts as to whether his body could remain there before three years of his death had been completed.
Fado Resounding, Lila Ellen Gray's illuminating ethnographic study of fado, draws together over ten years of fieldwork from both long- and short-term periods of research (1999-2010) to interrogate fado's claims to Portuguese "soulfulness," grasping hold of the genre's seeming intangibility and questioning the ways that the genre transforms sound and performance into meaning.
Carminho is considered one of the most talented and innovative fado singers of her generation.
The FADO project scope comprises the 3 subsystems: Expert FADO, iFADO and PRADO.
Take a vintage tram up the cobblestone streets of the Old Town where heartfelt Fado songs can be heard in the cafes.
Following her operatic debut CD, this new one explores Latin music in an attractive program that includes music from both the old and new worlds--from fado, tango and bolero to the familiar hummed aria from Villa Lobos's Bachi-anas brasil-eiras No 5 and the affecting Aranjuez, mon amour, set to the melody of the adagio from Rodrigo's Conderto de Aranjuez.
From the troubadours, Alfonso el Sabio's Cantigas de Santa Maria, and the Jewish and Arab intellectuals of medieval Spain to popular poetic traditions such as the romancero, fado, and cante jondo, Hernandez Cruz's inspirations and poetic affinities are close to the surface.
SATURDAY MUSIC on the Bancroft Terrace including Portuguese Fado, Japanese Taiko percussion and a Flamenco band.
On the second evening, award-winning Portuguese singer Cristina Branco will entertain the audience with an evening of classic Fado music which has made her one of the genre's most acclaimed artists.
This will be followed by award-winning Portuguese singer Cristina Branco on October 16 who will perform her special flavor of the classic Fado music which has made her one of the genre's most acclaimed artists worldwide, said the organisers.
The International Jazz Festival's grand opening will be made by the magical voice of Fado, Monica Molina on July 20.
Before death threats from conservative types forced her to leave Algeria for France in the late 1990s, Massi performed in a flamenco group, and most of her solo guitar-driven ballads are more redolent of Portuguese fado than anything else.