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The series of final passes performed by a matador preparatory to killing a bull in a bullfight.

[Spanish, manual labor, from Catalan feyna, from Latin facienda, things to be done, neuter pl. gerundive of facere, to do; see fact.]


(Bullfighting) bullfighting the matador's final series of passes with sword and cape before the kill
[literally: task, from obsolete Catalan (modern feina), from Latin facienda things to be done, from facere to do]
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As part of the magazine's "Girl Power" issue, the cosmetically enhanced figure is shot by lauded fashion photographer Sebastian Faena in an image series not aesthetically dissimilar to the shots on her personal Facebook page and blog that originally made her famous, Stuff.
Hemingway details this religious experience most clearly in Death in the Afternoon, relating it to the perfectly executed faena that
Designed piece-by-piece in England and assembled in 1902, the longtime city landmark was a crumbling icon of Argentina's industrial age until it was saved from the wrecking ball by Starck's local partner, fashion businessman Alan Faena.
And, the new Faena District is a billion dollar project spanning several city blocks to include the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, set to open its doors in November 2015.
The two have already been involved in record-breaking condominium sales at Faena House and the Residences at the Miami Beach Edition, respectively.
In the photograph, taken at her Florida home by photographer Sebastian Faena, she is seen preserving her modesty by clutching her breasts hands clad in arm-length leather gloves, the Daily Mail reported.
The 44-year-old superstar posed for various photographs by Sebastian Faena.
Esta puede ser usada para estimar el peso de terminacion de los animales destinados a faena, o puede utilizarse en animales destinados a reproduccion para evaluar el posible peso de terminacion de los hijos de dichos animales al momento de la faena.
Hemingway then notes that Ordonez "was very pleased, always, to call the faena writing" (TDS 102-103).
com - Lan Argentina SA - Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf - Spa SA - Hotelers Sheraton de Argentina SAC - Faena Hotel & Universe SA - South Convention Center SA / Hilton - NH Hoteles, Grupo - Cia.
Clients and projects have included Nowness, Burberry, Tom Ford, Gucci, Another Magazine, Fendi, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Asprey, Faena, Edition Hotels, Bentley, 3.
She's "taken it to the next level" said Herman of DeFranca citing recent deals for 432 Park, which will be the tallest residential building in the city, and the Puck Penthouses in Soho as well as the Metropolis in Los Angeles and Faena House in Miami Beach.