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(fӕg) noun
1. hard or boring work. It was a real fag to clean the whole house.
2. a slang word for a cigarette. I'm dying for a fag.
fag-end noun
the small, useless piece of a cigarette that remains after it has been smoked. The ashtray was full of fag-ends; the fag-end of the conversation.
fagged out
very tired. I'm completely fagged out after that long walk.
References in classic literature ?
They say the jail chaplains are mostly the fag-end o' the clergy.
They say that this is only the fag-end of the storm that we are getting here, and that it's been raging for nearly twenty-four hours on the east coast.
He occasionally made an attempt to smarten himself, and hum the fag-end of a tune; but his relapses into profound melancholy were only made the more impressive by the mockery of a hat exceedingly on one side, and a shirt-collar pulled up to his eyes.
He was out of his mind; completely and for ever mad, with this sudden shock coming upon the fag-end of his endurance.
It has been brought to the notice of the government that the departments have the tendency of indulging in bulk purchases at the fag-end of the financial year in order to incur expenditure of unspent budgetary provisions allotted for the given financial year," the memorandum has said.
18 against the dollar in knee-jerk reaction but managed to pull back magnificently towards the fag-end.
Not since the fag-end days of John Major and Tory "sleaze" 20 years ago have the Tories been this bad.
Mumbai: In a choppy trade at the fag-end of the session, the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex on Tuesday gave up initial dominance and even extended its losses for the fifth straight session, declining by 30 points to end at 28,161.
ANYTHING above 10,000 for a meaningless kickabout against Norway at the fag-end of summer is pretty remarkable if you ask me.
It's run at the fag-end of the Flat season when no one's interested any longer in racing; it's held at Doncaster, which is to glamour what I am to glamour; and at 1m 6f it's at a distance no one wants to run, particularly fat birds.
Instead, anything goes including driveway debris, construction vehicles and materials, minibus and other commercial parking, and yet the posse chases fag-end discarders as a priority.
A stressful tournament finale is the last thing a man needs, though, when attempting to wind down at the fag-end of another action-packed weekend.