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(Law) a criminal, esp one who instructs other criminals
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Noun1.Fagin - a villainous Jew in a novel by Charles Dickens; "Fagin was a fence who trained boys as pickpockets"
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This is him, Fagin,' said Jack Dawkins; 'my friend Oliver Twist.
PICKPOCKET Brian Conley who will be starring as Fagin in the Theatre Royal's production of Oliver
Even the coat worn on stage by Fagin, a seedy character whose band of urchins is urged to "pick a pocket or two", had cost pounds 8,000 to make.
The Midlands favourite inherits the famous frockcoat, wig and ill-gotten gains of Fagin tomorrow as he takes over from actor Neil Morrissey as the leader of the gang of child pick-pockets.
The story of the hungry workhouse boy who dares to ask for more and is launched into an adventure with undertakers then crafty crook Fagin and his juvenile gang of pickpockets is impressively told by an extremely talented cast.
WITHstraggly grey locks and a beard, Griff Rhys Jones is almost unrecognisable after being transformed into Fagin.
ROWAN Atkinson has signed up to star as Fagin in the new West End stage production of Oliver
ROWAN Atkinson has signed up to star as Fagin in the forthcoming West End stage production of Oliver
In the past year, dialogues and discussions have grown among the faiths, said Earl Fagin, chairman for VIC's board of directors.
lived them and wanted them to be part of my Fagin too.
Fagin Ben Kingsley Oliver Twist Barney Clark Bill Sykes Jamie Foreman Artful Dodger Harry Eden Nancy Leanne Rowe Mr.
villain Ron Moody is returning to his signature role,pickpocket Fagin.